In 2004, we had just taken over our new cottage, a small village house from 1890 close to forest and beach.
As we stood out on the road and looked at our new house, the resident Vagn came walking. After a while, Vagn looked down into the pram, where 4-month-old Thore lay and enjoyed himself, and said "where is it nice that "Småfolk" have come to the area" .... , you all know Thore, he is in all the catalogs.

Well over a year later, the first Småfolk collection was exhibited at a fair in Copenhagen. In March 2007 we got our first own little Småfolk store in Holbæk.

We deliver to customers throughout Europe, Korea, Australia and several other countries. The small Småfolk store has become five fine children's clothing stores.

Here at Småfolk we believe in renewal, being a little different and on the vision of delivering a good product.
We have 4 collections a year, where each time there are lots of brand new styles, so there never goes more than 10 weeks before there are new items in the store.

Småfolk are always happy colors, in the best quality. 85% of the collection and almost 100% of the baby collection is Standard 100 by Oeko Tex certified. Småfolk collections are made to fit together from collection to collection, so that your Småfolk clothing can be mixed with previous or new collections.

We hear again and again from parents that a particular T-shirt or dress has become the children's favorite - because the children make stories from the clothes.
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