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Online-stocksale-surprise bag for Girl. We usually host a spring stock sale, but we are doing it differently this year. Therefore we have emptied boxes, baskets and secret hiding places, and then made a BRAND NEW ROUND of surprise bags for you. We are giving you the opportunity to buy a surprise bag, filled with clothes, swimwear and accessories from Spring- Summer- Fall- and Winter styles, at a very special price. Please note: If you choose baby sizes (sizes 56-98) the bag also include body and suits. If you do not want body and suits in size. 92 and 98, you MUST order Str. 1-2 years or 2-3 years. Size 92 might contain size 1-2 years. Size 98 might contain size 2-3 years Your price 53,41 euro Value at least 133,6euro (suggested retail price) Unfortunately we can not handle requests for the contents of the bag. We will do our best to deliver the surprise bags as soon as possible – but it might take up to 10 working days before you will receive your bag. If you find any mistake in your surprise bag, please contact us within 14 days.

Style number: 90-9951


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