All Småfolk outerwear is treated with Bionic Finish Eco.
Bionic Finish Eco is a biodegradable coating that leaves your child dry and warm.
The flourinen in this finish is FC, PFOA and PFOS free (synthetic substances that are not biodegradable.)
Bionic Finish Eco makes the fabric water resistant, windproof and breathable. At the same time it prevents moisture from passing though to the inside of the garment, yet letting the vapour out.
Bionic Finish Eco also help to keep the coloring longer and prevent the fabric to absorde water and by this, dry up faster.

Småfolk recomend mashine wash at 40 degrees celcius and never to use fabric softner, because this will degrade the quality.
Because of the taped seams Småfolk does not recommend to use tumble dryer, drying cabinet ore ironing because this will damage the tape.



Bycycle helmet

See manual here


Småfolk raingear does NOT contain
PVC, phthalates, nickel nor AZO dyestuffs.

Technical features:

  • Oeko-tex certified 
  • Water pillar effect: 3000 mm.
  • 100% wind and waterproof.
  • All seams are welded.
  • Clear, visible reflexes.

Maintenance of rubber boots, manufactured in natural rubber:
- Supply the boots oil, either from natural oils or from care products purchased from a retailer
- NEVER store your rubber boots in direct sunlight or in strong electrical light.
- Always wash your boots after use if they are dirty, this way they will last longer.
- When washing your rubber boots, NEVER dry them on the radiator. It results,
  that the rubber dries out and therefore the rubber breaks, and it is no longer waterproof.

Swimwear Technical features:

Småfolk UV-swimwear protects your skin with factor 50+. After the swim,
Småfolk recommends you to rinse your swimwear in cold tap water.
Avoid drying in direct sunlight or tumble dry. Avoid contact with rough surfaces.