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Wool for babies and children

Here at Småfolk you will find a large selection of wool for babies and children, who are both practical and beautiful for competitive prices. The selection consists of both T-shirts, leggings, body´s, suits and hoods in wool with different motifs, which both you and your child most likely will like. In Denmark we have unpredictable and changing weather, for which woollen clothing for children are ideal to put on in the morning. The products are 100% mulesing free and made from high quality wool, who are treated and handled after Oeco-Tex standards. With woollen baby clothing you will give your child optimal conditions to keep the optimal body temperature. See the selection below and become inspired.

Dress your baby in wool all year

You are able to dress your child in wool, as the inner layer or the outer layer in the form of pants and a cardigan, or hood and mittens, so that cold ears, fingers, cheeks and noses are kept at a minimum. With the correct clothing you can safely let your child sleep in the pram or send your child outside to play. Lots of people think, woollen baby clothing is too warm unless it´s minus degrees, this is not true. Wool has a fantastic ability to regulate temperature. And are therefore able to keep your child warm and comfortable, when he, or she are sitting quietly on the floor and playing.

On the other side, if your child is running around and sweating, then the wool will absorb the sweat, and help your child to get rid of excess heat, so your child stays dry and keeps a stabile temperature. Wool can therefore be used both day and night, all year around, regardless of season. Woollen clothing is likewise ideal if you have a child who often sweats since the moisture and sweat are transported out of the material. Because of the temperature regulating characteristic, every parent can be sure their little folk´s skin is able to breathe. – Children – and baby clothing made from wool will also work well as nightwear, since many children in various periods sleeps uneasy, and will more often the not remove the duvet during the night. With a woolen suit for baby, your child will be kept warm, without becoming too warm. If your child is cold, and have a runny nose especially during the cold months will leave it´s mark on the child’s immune defense, so woolen baby clothing is the obvious choice. By dressing your child in woolen clothing, regardless season, will you as a parent give the child the best possible conditions to keep warm and dry, which will lead to less days with a runny nose and less illness. Wool is however a question of taste, and it is in no way guaranteed that you, or child will be thrilled, but with so many benefits, it is absolutely worth a try.


The correct handling of wool

Wool have as mentioned earlier many advantages. One of them is also, that it will not wrinkle. Besides that, wool is easy to keep clean, because dirt will not penetrate the fabric, and therefor give bacteria poor conditions to grow. It is recommended that wool is not washed to often, due to some of the properties and advantages of wool will diminish over time. Besides it is a good idea to wash wool in low temperatures, because the wool will shrink less if doing so.


50% wool 45% bambu 5% polyamide


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