Wool Mix body suit with Apples

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Wool Mix body suit with Apple print. Wool is a fantastic natural material. Wool has the ability to help the body regulate the temperature. Wool insulates against cold and keeps the body warm, even when the body becomes moist. Wool has a self-cleaning property, so you do not need to wash wool so often. The wool has been easy-care treated so that it can be washed in an ordinary washing machine. The series here is with bamboo on the inside and wool on the outside. This means it do not scratch and is very soft to wear. Wool can be used year round, day and night. The wool is 100% mulesing free. The wool is processed and cared for by Oeko-tex standard 100. Småfolk recommends washing your wool items with detergent designed specifically for wool.

50%Wool 45%Bamboo 5%Polyamide

Style number: 03-8140

40 Degrees Do not tumble Iron Do Not Bleach Do not dryclean Oeko-tex

In the Småfolk house we take responsibility. All cotton in Småfolk's collections is organic and more than 95% of our products are Oeco-tex standard 100.

We look after the children, the climate, the environment and mother earth because we love the Little People and the planet so much. We are proud that most of Småfolk's collections are produced in Europe
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