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T-shirts for children of all ages

On småfolk.dk you find t-shirts for children of all ages. We have sizes from 1-12 years. Children are large consumers of clothes, especially tops. T-shirts are a must have for the basic wardrobe, and they can be practical all year around. They can be ideal for hot summer days, but also in the winter period they can be used outside on our long-sleeved T-shirts, and in that way you can create your own look. All our designs easily mix and match as you wish.

With our size guide, you can easy find the right size for your kid, when you for instance look under T-shirts for children. All you need is a measuring band and a look here on the page to match your child with our sizes. It have never been easier to buy your child online. 

Sustainable T-shirts for children

All our T-shirts for children are made off 100% organic cotton for the benefit of both your child and the environment. Our T-shirts have different prints such as landscapes, firetrucks or rabbits. When children learn to talk, it can be funny to turn dressing into a game, where the children can put words on the motives, prints and colors there is on our different designs. That way the children develop the imagination and story telling skills, at the same time they are getting dressed. 

All our clothes are easy to wash. Our T-shirts for children can be washed with colored clothes on 30 degrees. Are you looking for t-shirts for cooler days, then we also have wool mix T-shirts that are available in both a pink and a blue design. These are also available in sizes from 1-12 years. But be careful not to tumble dry them.

Småfolk apples

Are you also crazy about our clothes with Småfolk apples? Then we have dedicated a page to exactly that, where we have collected the whole line a designs with the well known apple. Here you find suits, pants, bodies, dresses, rainwear and much more. All of it off cause matches with our other T-shirts for children. Furthermore we have expanded the selection to also cover various terry products with småfolk apples – both towles, bibs and a very nice bathrobe are available in terry. 

Explore our selection here on the page and let(maybe) your child choose its own clothes, based on the prints and motives, they like the most. 


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