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You can never have enough t-shirts for children! Children are mass consumers of clothes – and especially of t-shirts. T-shirts make out a part of the basic

Children need a lot of clothes – especially tops. T-shirts are a part of the basic wardrobe, and they can be used every day in the year. . T-shirts with short sleeves are the perfect cloth on a hot summerday, where the child need protection from the sun. and at the same time get some fresh air. In the autumm and in the winther you can use t-shirts outside a solid coloured long- sleeved t-shirt and create a new look. Of course all t-shirts from Småfolk are made of organic cotton to protect your child and the envirorment.  When children start to talk and start to express their interests, you can make it fun to get dressed  by bying t-shirts with print and use them as inspiration to develop the childs tell capacity and fantasy. 


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