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Shoes for children 

It is crucial that you choose the right footwear for children, as it is important that your children's feet get the right support and fit in size and shape. See our target form so you are sure to get the right size. Whether it's a beginner's shoe, a sandal or a closed shoe, your children's feet deserve quality footwear that provides comfort while looking smart. Whether you are looking for footwear for boys or girls' footwear, Småfolk has a wide selection of different models in several colors, sizes and for any weather situation. On hot summer days, it can be nice with a lighter closed shoe, or shoes, where there is the opportunity to get air to the toes. Conversely, when the weather forecast promises rain, it is better with footwear that can keep your feet dry so as to prevent your child from getting cold and cold. Finally, it is good to consider whether shoes have good adaptability options, whether it be a beginner's shoes or footwear for larger children. See our selection of footwear below.


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