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New collection from småfolk

Småfolk is a Danish designed children’s wear brand. We want to inspire happy and creative children og we have done that since 2005. Småfolk is the retro brand with the bright colors and happy motifs, that is based on the children’s imagination. For 15 years we have in our four yearly collections delivered lots of happy and joyful prints with all the motifs the children loves. On our T-shirts a penguin and a polar bear can be friends and play together, even if they in each end of the real world. There are dangerous dinos, adventurous swans, playful cats and almost all the rest of the farm and the zoo on the many prints. There are dresses in a model that allows the girls to climb trees also, there are soft and comfortable sweat and velvet pants for a cold autumn day and shorts for a hot summer day. When the rain is pouring or the snow is falling there are nice and durable rainwear and snowsuits med the best water resistance.

We take care

Since 2018 all cotton used in Småfolk collections has been organic. In our collection you can find lots of nice children’s wear, all of which are based on the children and their imagination. Pants in soft materials, A-dresses that are perfect for running and climbing trees. Good heavy sweatshirts and warm fleece. T-shirts with both long and shorts sleeves in a good soft quality 

More than 90% of our collection is Oecotex 100 standard. That is your guaranty that your children and our environment are not exposed to harmful chemicals.

Our swimwear has UV-factor 50, so the children have the best protectionwhen they are our in the sun at the beach or by the pool.

We are in a constant dialogue with our suppliers about climate friendly production and about working environment.

We do every thing we can to avoid waste and surplus production, but avoid it is not possible. There for you can from time to time buy surprice bags and fabric in pieces in our webshop. Both are initiatives we have taken so that the children and you as a consumer can be a part of reducing waste in the production of our collections.

The wool we use for our wool collection is mulesing free, so we ensures the best animal welfare – and by the way it is also organic.


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