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Underwear for children

Here at Småfolk you can find both cute, cool and not least comfortable underwear sets for children in nice, soft quality. Underwear sets from Småfolk are made from organic cotton, so when shopping with us, you help to make a positive difference to the environment and the world your children will grow up in. Our designs are available in many colors and with many different designs. Of underwear for girls you can eg. Choose from cute sets of horses, flowers or swans. On the other hand, underwear for boys, you can choose between motives such as cars, tractors, sharks, etc. Underwear can be used all year round. In the summer it can be nice for the kids to run around and play in a nice airy undershirt without sleeves. In winter, however, undershirts can be used as extra insulated layers inside a long-sleeved upper. A good advice is always to have plenty of underwear sets in stock and especially during the period when your child starts potty training. See our large selection below


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