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Baby swimwear

When the winter is finally over, then can you look forward to sun and summer. But when the sun begins to burn, you need to cool down either in a  basin at home in the garden or in the ocean. Then it is essential with a set of baby swim wear, so your little newborn also can join you in the water. 

Our baby swimwear protects your newborn against the sun, all our swimwear has UPF 50+, that means “Ultraviolet Protection Factor”. It is a notion that describes how big the protection against the ultraviolet radiation from the sun is. That means you don’t have to worry about sun burns on the places that are covered by the swimwear. If you need to cover a larger part of the body, you can supplement with one of our long-sleeved swimwear t-shirts.   

Large selection of baby swimwear, shoes, hats etc.

Among our baby swimwear you find for instance diaper swim suit, that helps to keep your babys water resistant diaper in place. In our assortment you also find a selection of sunhats, swimshoes etc. that can act as extra protection for your child in the water. All is off cause in the same UPF50+ quality, that means that every time 50 sun rays hits the garment, then only one sun ray come through the garment. Or in other words our baby swimwear protects 98% against the sun.

 For a trip to the beach our changing pads can be usefull, because they are easy to pack down and take on the go. And they are practical, when your baby needs to change the diaper and you are not at home. When you and your baby are going on a tour – wether it is the beach or other places – you will definitely be happy to have one of our changing bags with you, where the is plenty of room. We even have small envelope changing bags, that are ideal for the little trip, since they are small and handy and can easily hang on the pram. 

Baby swimwear in funny and childrenfriendly motives

With a set of baby swim wear from Småfolk , you can safely let your child swim in the water, while the sun shines over you. The UV-protection ensures that, your child is not sun burned on the body. You find many nice models among our baby swim wear with imaginative and children friendly designs, that children loves to look at. Our swimwear are available in many different motives and colors, so you have rich opportunity to find something that falls to your liking.

You will not regret to give your newborn a set of baby swimwear from Småfolk. Not alone are the motives nice to look at, bur they also contributes to strengthen your childs senses and language, when the later can start to name the elements on the prints. Explore our selction and find you own favorite.



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