Pram raincover with apples

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Pram cover with apple print. The raincover is equipped with insect net in the front opening. At the bottom of the raincover there's a drawstring, so it fits all kinds of standart prams. Please notice, that the cover do not fit small combi and twins prams. At the inside of the pramcover, there is a little pocket, where you can fold the pramcover into, when not in use. We recommend, after every time in the rain, to dry the pramcover completely, before you fold it. Småfolk pram cover does NOT contain PVC, phthalates, flourinated substances, nickel no •Oeko-tex certified •Water pillar effect: 5000 mm. •All seams are taped •Clear, visible reflexes. Småfolk Pram cover has a water pillar effect at 50 at the correct use. The pram cover does not have waterproof zipper, it is important that the top pl under placket is placed correct, so the water does through the zipper. A child releases heat, but to make the pram cover and the membranes breathable, there has to be preassure from the inside to 'push' the moisture out through the membrane. This can only be achieved by constant physical activity and this criteria does the baby for good reasons, not fulfill. Therefore,there can occur condensation on the inside of the pram cover This does not mean,that the pram cover has a leak.

100% Polyester

Style number: 10-9540

40 Degrees Do not tumble Do not iron Do Not Bleach Do not dryclean


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