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Bed bumpers from Småfolk

As a parent, the most important task is to create a safe environment in the home for your child.

Your child needs to feel safe every single day and every single night, and there is nothing as beautiful as the serene sight of a child sleeping with a smile on his lips. At Småfolk you can explore a large selection of bed edges for the little ones, and in this selection you can find the perfect bed edge for your little stump. Together with our large selection of delicious junior bedding in 100% organic cotton that fits your bed edge, you can create a harmonious and safe environment in the children's room and create the best setting for your child to be invited into an adventurous dreamland each only night.


Finish with dangerous corners and bumpers

A headboard is a protective insert that can be used for most cribs. With a bed bumpers you can make the sleeping time softer and nicer for the little one and make sure to make it safe at all the hard bumpers and corners of the bed. Should it happen that your child rolls out towards the edge of the bed during the course of the night, your bed bumpers will provide protection against hard shocks. Especially if you have a child who sleeps restlessly at night, a headboard will be an obvious solution because it makes the bed feel like a soft and nice little nest, which makes it far more attractive to sleep in his own bed rather than inside with mom and dad.

At Småfolk you can find a thick edge of the bed that puts an end to all the hard edges, which makes it dangerous to sleep in your own bed. With such a thick bed edge, these dangerous edges will turn into soft cozy corners, where the favorite teddy bears can be allowed to wrap up, and where dolls and other toys can be allowed to hide.


Finish with drag and loud noises

In addition to protecting against sharp edges and corners, a bed edge also protects against drafts and keeps the bed warm. A headboard will make the sleeping environment extra cozy and keep out all the disturbing noises that come from outside and can make it difficult for the little one to fall asleep. With a headboard, it is also over with drafts and loud noises that can disturb the little one in his dreamland, and then it also decorates so nicely and makes the children's room extra child-friendly.


Our selection of bed bumpers

Our range of bed bumpers is wide. For example, you can find bed edges from Småfolk Originals, which are designed and produced in Denmark and also in 100% organic cotton of the finest quality. In addition, the vast majority of our wool baby clothes are also 100% organic cotton. In addition, we have entered into a collaboration with Sophie la Girafe to design and produce the softest and cutest baby clothes and accessories. You can therefore also find the perfect bed edge for you and your little ones, which will also be produced from 100% organic cotton. In fact, the vast majority of our range is produced in organic cotton, this also applies to our changing pads.

Whether you are looking for a headboard for a crib, a headboard for a cot or for a larger bed, your headboard can almost always fit in the size, as the ends can also overlap. We look forward to welcoming you to our universe of fine bed edges that will definitely create security and give the cutest little people a big smile on their face.


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