Småfolk made

this beautiful little

collection of retro apples.


Take a look - You might want to take bite…

psst… We only have a limited number


Småfolk Fall collection is about friendship and about being together. It is about getting out in the nature or into the garden and get started with playing. Explore what is out there together with your friends.
There is great focus on Småfolks logo the apple, that symbolize health, active children, friendship and togetherness. As the old saying goes “ an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.
And if you go into the garden on a autumn day, this is just what you find – apples. What can you use them for. You can eat them, give an apple to a friend, put yourself in an apple box and suddenly you have a ship that can sail you into new adventures, you can put the apples on the tray of your bike and make a shop, .you can throw after targets with them, you can carry a bucket into the kitchen and make the sweetest apple juice.

Welcome to the Autumn

See all the beautiful print and colors

Småfolk Originals

A brand new apple series...

Småfolk Originals is a brand new collection that is based on the safe, the close and the recognizable ... Namely, the apple. The organic clothing for children from Småfolk Originals is - tradition faith - Danish designed with the popular apple design. Everything from cushions to bathrobes is made in the finest and best quality so that the smallest family can play, grow and explore their imagination in a colorful and vibrant world.


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