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Paketkalender mit 24 Paketen

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Christmas calendar, with 24 presents.


Same some time and save yourself from stress and buy your Christmas calendar here...

One of the 24 presents, is a t-shirt in the junior calendar

ore a body suit in the baby calendar.


The 23 other presents are small wooden play food toys, from the Danish brand MaMaMemo.

PLEASE NOTE: The toys are approved to play with from age: 18 months, +2 years and +3 years.


For wrapping you will receive gift wrapping paper and 24 date stickers, this way you can

choose on your own, which pressent to give which day.


The Christmas calendar has a retail price

value at 127,50 euro


your price is 79,95 euro.


We have a limited number of calendars.


Since the package is costum made for you, it is unfortunatly not possible to return it.


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