Protect your children from the sun with UV50 from Småfolk.
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of swimwear for children, and get ready for the Summer.

UV-swimwear from Småfolk

Sun, summer and family fun...But remember to take care of yourself and your children in the sun. At Småfolk we have developed a colorful and beautiful collection of UV swimwear for the smallest of the family, so you can take good care of each other when you are out in the sun.

Let the kids go play
in the sun

The UV swimwear from Småfolk protects the children's skin with UV50, and you can be absolutely sure that the swimwear's protection never disappears as the UV factor is knitted into the fabric. That means you can quietly let your kids explore the sun and let them explore a whole new world of fun in the ocean, pool or pool at home in the garden.

Maintain the UV swimwear
beautiful look

There are some things you can do yourself to preserve the unique colors and patterns of the UV swimwear for a long time. At Småfolk, we recommend that you rinse the swimsuit in clean, cold water from the tap after use and, as far as possible, avoid drying the clothes in direct sunlight. In this way, your little gold nuggets can enjoy the protective swimwear for an extended period of time, and you can worry-free about the hours in the sun.


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